Here’s How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Mississauga

Car insurance in Mississauga is costly due to a number of factors ranging from busy highways and urban lifestyles.

When it comes to car insurance Mississauga is often ranked among the top five cities in Ontario (in terms of average annual costs). According to the latest trends, an insurer pays roughly $3,000 for car insurance in Mississauga.

Irrespective of the rates, car insurance is a necessity that drivers cannot ignore. Moreover, it is mandated by law in Canada to ply a vehicle on the road. So, efforts should be made to get optimum coverage at an affordable price.

Fortunately, there are ways to save $500 to $1,000 in car insurance Mississauga — this guide talks about different ways to get cheap car insurance in Mississauga.

6 ways to get cheap car insurance in Mississauga

Here is how you can secure cheap car insurance in Mississauga:

1. Shop around for cheap car insurance Mississauga

Compare and shop around to get the best insurance rates. As you know, car insurance rates and coverage vary significantly with different insurers. When you shop around, this time-tested method will save you plenty in terms of both coverage and premiums.

Furthermore, whether you want to purchase a new policy or your policy is up for renewal, always shop around for the best rates. Most people often make the mistake of renewing the policy from the same broker or company without exploring further options.

Here are some tips for shopping around:

Compare quotes from one-stop insurance comparison websites.
Look out for companies offering new customer discounts.
Ask your existing insurer to provide a loyalty discount for you to stay.

2. Review and change your policy

It is the most effective way of lowering your car insurance premiums. Review your car_insurance policy and make some adjustments to save more. Here are some tips:

Minimal Coverage

If you are driving an old car, take only mandatory coverages necessitated by law in Ontario. Here are the types of auto insurance coverage in Mississauga.

Mandatory Coverage

Third-party liability
Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)
Accident benefits

Optional coverage

Comprehensive car insurance
Collision insurance
Specified perils

Increase your deductible

A deductible is a sum of your claim you accept to pay in the event of a crash. When you increase the deductible amount, it significantly lowers your monthly premiums. However, your claim money gets diluted in this case.

Usage-based insurance

Also known as telematics, UBI, or pay-per-use insurance, it is becoming popular among Canadian drivers. In this insurance regime, insurance premiums are based on driving records like miles covered, usage, and driving risks

3. Bundle multiple policies

If you have more than one car or own a home, you can save on car insurance premiums by bundling these policies. You can add multiple cars to the same car insurance policy (at a slightly higher cost). Similarly, you can combine multiple policies like home, boats, and motorcycle coverage for extra savings.

This can help you get discounts on both car_insurance and home insurance premiums.

4. Improve your driving record

A clean driving record can help you lower your car insurance rates. Similarly, experienced drivers or drivers with a higher driving license level are expected to fetch some discount on their car insurance. Therefore, always remember to:

Have a clean driving record with no tickets and violations in the past three years.
Get a higher driving license level as per your age and driving skills.
Countercheck whether the insurer’s records are updated with your current information or not.

5. Install safety features in your car

Insurance companies give special discounts for a car with advanced safety features. While some of the safety features cost you initially, they will save you in the long run. Moreover, these features enhance your safety too.

Here are some things to consider:

Winter Tires: Most insurers offer a discount of up to 5% if you install winter tires on your car for the winter months. These specialized tires are specifically made to endure harsh winter months.

Anti-Theft Device: Features such as a car alarm, steering wheel lock, and engine immobilizer enhance your car’s security. As a result of reduced risk, insurance companies offer some discounts on car insurance.

Dashboard cameras: In the event of an accident, a dashboard camera can help authorities identify who is at fault. It also records the driving behaviour of the driver. It helps in getting you future discounts and reduces insurance fraud.

6. Choose your car model carefully

The type and model of vehicle you own play a significant role in calculating insurance premiums. So, if you have not purchased a car or are trying to change your vehicle, avoid the following types of cars.

High theft models: Some car models are more prone to theft than others. Ensure your car doesn’t fall in this category.

Low safety rating cars: These cars offer low safety to the passengers. Due to increased risks, your premiums may get higher.

Costly Cars: The price of your car is directly proportional to its insurance rates. High-end cars are costly to repair or replace.

Steps to get cheap car insurance quotes in Mississauga

You can easily get quotes from different insurance companies through a reputed insurance brokerage. Here are the steps to follow if you’d like to use a brokerage to find cheap car insurance quotes Mississauga:

Choose a reputed insurance provider, broker, or company.
Share a few details about yourself and your vehicle.
Select type of coverage.
Get quotes and compare.
Shop and Save.


Mississauga has several world-class highways and an ever changing urban layout. More cars on the highway mean an increase in chances of collision. As a ripple effect, car insurance rates in this city are not pocket-friendly. Fortunately, there are countless ways to save money on car_insurance and we have listed some of them.

Insurance companies are not favourable towards both risky vehicles and risky drivers. Therefore, make minor adjustments in your driving habits and enhance the safety features of your car. Some safety features upfront costs may bite you initially, but they will be beneficial in the long run in terms of safety and savings.

Lastly, shop around and compare quotes from different insurance providers to get the best rate and coverage.

Here’s How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Mississauga