4 Benefits Of Clutch Kits

To have a smooth drive, you need a good clutch kit to send enough torque from the engine to your car’s wheels. A clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and release bearing are usually part of your car’s clutch kit. Between the late 19th century and the early 20th century, the automobile industry made many changes to vehicle clutches. It was during this time that multi-disc grips were first made.

A lot of slippages

When your car gets the most power from the engine, it reaches its full potential. And clutch kits are one of the essential parts of the transmission.

The slip should be as small as possible to get the most out of your clutch; the clutch slips when there isn’t sufficiently compacting between the flywheel and the disc. Slipping happens between the two, reducing the torque that goes to the wheels. If you want to fix this, you need to keep the friction coefficient in these parts of your clutch kit at an ideal level. These are the same things that a multi-disc clutch kit also does.

Multi-disc clutch kits have more discs than other types of clutch kits. This gives them more surface area for friction. Thus, the flywheel and the clutch discs won’t move against each other when the engine is running. If they do, it’s only to a small level. So, the vehicle takes advantage of the engine’s full power as the clutch kit sends the most power to the wheels.

If you’re a car racer, these kits will come in handy because you need a lot of torque when you’re on track. In addition, if you’re driving through hills, these kits can help. They keep your car from moving when you don’t put it in neutral or use the brakes. Also, they send the most power to the gearbox’s shaft so you can quickly get over the slope.

High Clamping Force, No Pedal Work

With a multi-disc clutch, you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on the pedal to make it work. Because of this, braking your car is now a straightforward thing to do

Suppose your car has a lot of horsepowers (HP), like more than 500 HP, and you drive it at high speed. If you need a multi-disc clutch, you might need one. You can bring your car to a slow, even stop smoothly if you do this. This is important, mainly because there are many road accidents every year. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), about one-third of traffic deaths have been caused by speeding drivers for more than two decades.

So, if you want to get faster wheels, think about getting a car with a multi-disc clutch kit.

In a short time, the heat goes away

This means your engine will run much better if your clutch works. As a result, it will overheat, which will cause other problems, like:

There was a head gasket that didn’t work.
Warped tubes and pistons
Engine cylinder heads that have been broken

The consequences could be life-threatening. A fire could begin in the engine compartment if the engine’s cylinder heads are cracked. Because of this, you might get hurt in the process.

If you buy a multi-disc clutch kit, it has more surface area than a single-disc kit does. This means that it can move the heat around the system more quickly. Because of this, they cool down the engine compartment. This also makes the clutch more durable. If your car is always on the tracks, you might want to use a multi-disc clutch to keep the temperature in check.

Light in weight

It’s usually very light when it comes to a multi-disc clutch kit. This is especially important for cars that need to accelerate and decelerate quickly. With less rotational mass, shifting gears to change speeds is faster and more smooth when there is less weight. A light clutch disc kit lets you keep high RPMs in the upper gears even if you’re not moving very quickly (rpm).

People use high-speed cars for things like:

Circle tracks
Drag Racing
Road Racing

If you play these kinds of games, make sure your car has a multi-disc clutch so you can easily control its speed.


A clutch kit is an important factor of a car that helps it move smoothly. For this reason, you should buy a good one. A multi-disc clutch is good because it doesn’t slip, has a high clamping force with little pedal effort, and is very light. These features make the multi-disc clutches perfect for cars with many horsepowers that are more about performance.

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